Marape, Undialu, and Potape Needs to fix themselves. Hela Is Dying of Negligence

  Marape, Undialu and Potape Needs to fix themselves, Why is it that Hela leaders Still playing delay tactics to hold the Hela Provincial Governors Appointment? our Brother Potape was Present but Why did Marape and Undialu not present? we the people of Hela need a leaders with a vision, wisdom, integrity, Why are Marape and … More Marape, Undialu, and Potape Needs to fix themselves. Hela Is Dying of Negligence

NID Sustainability in District Levels

Five Factors of NID sustainability in Ward Level: 1.  Finance; 2.  Resources; 3.  Ownership; 4.   Advocacy/Awareness. 5.   Effective Communication FINANCE DISP and PSIP – Utilize for wages, salaries, and other expenses. National Governments – Integrated Budget from the National Statistics Office, National Planning and Monitoring , Electoral Commission, NGOs/donors, – Funds through their … More NID Sustainability in District Levels

Online Threats and Vulnerabilities

Website Advertising – Malvertising – Even ads on trusted websites such as You Tube can become compromised with the infected links (Malvertising) Poisoned Search Results  – during the significant media event such as the death of a pop icon or a natural disaster millions of internet users are searching for the same thing. Cyber Criminals know this and will quickly … More Online Threats and Vulnerabilities

Social Network

Attack Vectors  While on a social network, you get a message from a friend with a link. the Message says “Hilarious! check this one out.” What you do not realize is that his accounts has been hijacked and the link is actually to a “booby trapped” website that will attempt to infect your computer with … More Social Network

Work Place Gossips Unhealthy for An Organisations

Business or workplace gossips are harmful and normal at first, it commonly begins with an action/decisions that triggers changes in an organisations, the change can be institutional or personal and either Positive or Negative. It start as a Chit Chat during lunch, coffee, or when are group gather for an occasion most commonly in the … More Work Place Gossips Unhealthy for An Organisations

What is Child Abuse????

Abuse: Any intentional act to harm a child within relationships of responsibility, trust or power. Child labor: work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential and their dignity, and that is harmful to physical and mental development. Child Protection: All measures taken to prevent and respond to abuse, neglect, exploitation and all other forms of violence … More What is Child Abuse????

What is the Right Decision that a Girl Can Make?

The first Priority is Education, through the Education, girls can understand the values that a added to Money, and Marriage, Money sometimes drives girls far from being protected, it even leads to teen age pregnancies, got raped, murdered, contracted HIV&AIDS and sometimes in conflict with the laws. The desires of having money does not ends, … More What is the Right Decision that a Girl Can Make?

Global Agendas can be Achieved if Localised

World Environment, Climate Change, United Nations Conventions on the Child’s Rights, Gender Equality, Women Empowerment, Terrorist, Developments, and many more can be achieved if we can contextualize their systems and approaches into our everyday local ways of living, we can talk at an international levels on a subject, and at the sometime, think of how … More Global Agendas can be Achieved if Localised